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Let’s face it. You didn’t start your business so you could do bookkeeping. We’re here to help by taking that responsibility off your plate, leaving you more time for generating income. We can provide as little or as much assistance as you need by offering training for employees, all the way to complete income/expense posting and reporting. Everything is tailored to your specific needs.

Sometimes all a business owner or manager needs is a little guidance in workflow responsibilities and procedures. We can make suggestions to help streamline processes for efficiency, saving money.

If you suspect that QuickBooks may not be set up for best results, we can help. This generally involves a review of your QuickBooks data file and chart of accounts to determine set up functionality. In most cases, a little tweaking and some training fixes the problem. Should it be determined that the file is beyond repair, then setting up a new file would be in order.

Payroll can be set up in QuickBooks too. It does have an additional subscription fee based on several level options.

Job costing is another great feature of QuickBooks. This allows us to post income and expenses per job, taking the guessing game out of profitability. Was your estimate reasonable? Did your material expenses line up with your estimate? Did it take longer to do the job than estimated? This is a great tool for identifying your strengths and your weaknesses.

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